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when ur otp is destroying you but ur friend just doesn’t ship it



Sometimes there are no words


when a character you didn’t like dies




pairings where they “hate” each other but would be devastated if anything happened to one another aRE MY FUCKING WEAKNESS 


Criminal Minds AU | High-Tech Crooks

A group of high-tech crooks enlist the help of their rival team to break the mastermind out of jail. When it becomes clear that the private prison’s security is the best money can buy, they resort to busting their friend out from the Portland Courthouse.

1. Aaron Hotchner [Mastermind] - Ashley Seaver [Grifter] - Derek Morgan [Hitter] - Jennifer “JJ” Jareau [Thief] - Penelope Garcia [Tech & Communications]

2. Jason Gideon [Mastermind] - Alex Blake [Grifter] - Emily Prentiss [Hitter] - Elle Greenaway [Thief] - Spencer Reid [Tech & Communications]


brothers doing brotherly (???) thing


brothers doing brotherly (???) thing


50 ships I ship  (4/50)

(Zack and Aerith/Aeris)

The SOLDIER and the flower girl.

I fell in love with the sweetness that was Zerith in Crisis Core. I knew from the original game that Aerith had dated Zack and that they were together in death in Advent Children but their relationship was really fleshed out in Crisis Core.

Crisis Core is Zack’s story. In it we see Aerith and who she was before the original game. Zack fell from the sky into the church, just as Cloud does later, and met Aerith. He asked her if she was an angel to which she replied, “No, I’m Aerith.”

What I like about this pairing is the flirty banter they share, the moments of understanding, and the purity and innocence that just seem to radiate from the two. I think that they were each other’s first loves and I am glad that they can be together in death (and yes, I cry every time I watch their death scenes, specifically Zack’s). I cannot express how much this pairing makes me go, “Awww!” while at the same time making me feel sad. It’s cute, romantic, and angsty to some degree.

In Crisis Core I feel like you get a better understanding of Aerith’s personality and I really like how Zack teased her when she commented on his pretty eyes. Aerith claimed to be afraid of the sky and felt uneasy about SOLDIER members but she was at peace around Zack. He opened up to her and proved that not all SOLDIER were monsters and that the sky can be pretty and not scary.

I think in some ways Zack influenced the person that Aerith became in the original game. Of course some may disagree but that’s just how I see it. She wore the pink ribbon he gave her and even took his suggestion on wearing more pink. Also, who can forget who gave her the idea to sell her flowers?

I think one of my favorite scenes of the two was after Zack built her the flower wagon. Aerith gave him a hard time, which lead Zack to accuse her of being too picky (of course he’s not being mean and I took the conversation as being one of playful banter). This was also when Zack learned about her twenty-three wishes, wishes that he seemed intent on making become a reality. He even asked her to write them down so he wouldn’t forget.

One of the more tender moments between the two was when Aerith comforted him after the death of Angeal. She didn’t say anything to him, just held him as he cried, assuring him of her presence in his life and letting him know that he was cared for.

I think the two really did care for each other. In the original game Aerith seemed to not have fully gotten over Zack’s disappearance (for she didn’t know that he was dead). When Zack was on the verge of death in Crisis Aerith felt something and looked worriedly up into the sky as Zack breathed his last.

I believe that if Zack had lived he would have made Aerith’s wishes come true. He was a ladies man, yes, but something about Aerith was different. He was charming but she wasn’t bought by his charms, she was bought over by who he was inside, the man that cared for his friends enough to cry for them and die for them.

It’s sad that their relationship ended before it really ever began, but I like to think that once Aerith was reunited with him in the Lifestream that they were able to pick up where they left off.

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things people do in fanfic no one does in real life

  • smirk every frickin five seconds
  • gulp
  • stutter to be cute
  • be like “yeah ok” when asked to call someone “daddy”
  • chuckle gently
  • chuckle in general
  • make simple misunderstandings into the biggest bitch fest you will ever experience

I chuckled so hard at this

fuck off



I drew this for the lovely Winterstar because she’s an amazing,strong, and kind person who I got to work with a while back on a cap_Im RBB. So if you wanna read beautiful written works go on and read them here:


I drew this for the lovely Winterstar because she’s an amazing,strong, and kind person who I got to work with a while back on a cap_Im RBB. So if you wanna read beautiful written works go on and read them here: